iDoc is an intermedia documentary project invested in tracking energy-transition development in Alberta, Canada and beyond. It focuses on the energy-related research ongoing at the University of Alberta in the 45+ research teams working on the Future Energy Systems project The project puts that research into context by speaking to policy makers, activists, and community members, to further unpack what ideas about current and future societies and energy system are guiding the already ongoing energy transition. What are the energy systems of the future? How will communities organize politically, economically, and socially around these energy forms and systems? What decisions are being made in the present that are shaping those futures? Who is making those decisions and why? What other voices and perspectives should be contributing to these discussions if we want the design of our future communities to be driven by energy and climate justice for all?  

iDoc leverages funding from the Future Energy Systems (CFREF) grant and a SSHRC Insight to mobilize and update a social science methodology known as the Fogo method (a dialogue created by exchanging moving-image recordings). First developed by the National Film Board of Canada in 1967 (Wiesner, 2010) and subsequently used around the world, the Fogo method reciprocally shares recorded discussions among relevant community members, policy-makers, and researchers to move towards resolutions of seemingly intractable problems. With iDoc, the research team will showcase the knowledge of scientists, cities, activists, policymakers, and citizens around energy transition, discussing the social transitions that should necessarily be factored into energy-transition technologies and cultural responses to climate change. This project will also connect to others taking place under the banner of Just Powers, including Feminist Energy Futures and Speculative Energy Futures, by applying systems and social-impact analysis through innovative and interdisciplinary methodologies. We welcome suggestions of people to interview, knowledge we should be archiving, and perspectives we should be putting into dialogue.

iDoc was showcased at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Cities & Climate Change Conference in Edmonton, 5-7 March 2018. 

For more information on iDoc, contact team-leads Dr. Sheena Wilson (, Dr. M.E. Luka (, and Dr. Sourayan Mookerjea ( 

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