Just Powers includes various projects, ranging from intermedia documentary and artistic research to community-engaged participatory initiatives. Because our research model lets us respond to actions as they happen, the number of projects and collaborators continues to grow and change—so make sure to check back often!


iDoc is an intermedia documentary project that tracks energy-transition research, discussions, and developments in Alberta, Canada, and beyond.

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Feminist Energy Futures

Feminist Energy Futures is a research project that examines, documents, theorizes, and expresses how feminist practices can resist climate and energy injustices and re-invent just futures for all.

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Speculative Energy Futures

Speculative Energy Futures is a research-creation project that brings together artists, activists, scientists, engineers, policy makers, and social science and energy humanities researchers to investigate the challenges and potentials of energy transition through art.

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Perfect Storm: Feminist Energy Transition Game

Perfect Storm: Feminist Energy Transition is a role-playing game designed to enable players to explore and interact with the cultural politics of energy transition in Canada.

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Bigstone Cree: A Vision for the Future

Bigstone Cree: A Vision for the Future is a documentary video project that foregrounds Bigstone Cree Nation members’ perspectives and insights on energy projects and activity within Treaty 8 territory.

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Just Powers Podcast

The Just Powers Podcast features readings and discussions of scholarly work focused on the pressing energy and environmental issues of our times.

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Petrocultures 2018 Conference: TRANSITIONS

Learn about the 2018 Petrocultures Conference, including Just Powers’ talks, activities and more!

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Leader de Demain au féminin

Leader de demain, au féminin! is a youth leadership program for Francophone and Francophile women focused on social change and climate justice.

Leader de demain, au féminin! est un programme de leadership pour les jeunes francophones et francophiles axé sur le justice sociale et environnementale.

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Printmaking in the Anthropocene

The catalogue for Printmaking in the Anthropocene reflects some of the visual thinking taking place around issues of climate change and environmentalism.

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